Cyber Recon

What is CyberRECON?

A proactive technical threat assessment that empowers organizations by helping them understand their current Cybersecurity threats, validate Cybersecurity investments, and identify areas of improvement.


CyberRECON is a service where we conduct multiple assessments from different perspectives to gather as much information as possible on your threats and vulnerabilities. 


CyberRECON is not a framework-based gap assessment or a questionnaire-based assessment.

Who is it for?

This was created primarily for small to medium organizations with 50 to 500 employees.


  • Peace of Mind

  • Low-Cost, High-Value

  • Prioritization of Risks

  • Justify Investments

What do you get from CyberRECON?

You will receive an actionable report that is written for both technical and non-technical audiences. The report consists of the threat details, and how to address them. 

Additionally, at completion, you will receive a presentation of the report by KNC Subject Matter Experts.

Multiple Threat Assessments

  • Internal Threats

  • External Threats

  • Network Threats

  • Cloud Threats

  • Phishing Threats

Why is CyberRECON low-cost, high-value?

To accomplish this on your own, it would cost far more than $5,000, including the time to learn the tools and techniques used, the acquisition cost of the tools used, the time and experience to combine and consolidate multiple technical reports, and the expertise required to interpret the results and to develop the remediations.

Receive a Comprehensive and Actionable Report



Independent Threat Assessment
  • Two Week Turnaround Maximum

  • Internal and External Assessment

  • Comprehensive