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Automate Cybersecurity and Compliance 

What is Atomus Aegis?

Atomus Aegis is a Desktop Application that creates a Secure Enclave on a computer for aerospace and defense work. Aegis is built for small and medium size businesses who need to comply with DFARS 7012 cybersecurity regulations which are "flowed down" from their primes.

Think of this Secure Enclave as almost a computer inside your computer which has been set up with state of the art cybersecurity to protect data. In addition to this Secure Enclave the Aegis platform comes with training, policies, procedures, and the needed documentation to show your customers that you take cybersecurity extremely seriously.

Atomus Aegis
Don’t stress about paperwork and compliance. Atomus comes with premade policies and procedures.
Scale quickly and securely with streamlined workflows and no additional hardware you need to buy.

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