KNCSS Careers

We believe that an empowered, talented and motivated workforce is the driving force behind KNC Strategic Services growth. We strive to attract, develop, and promote qualified individuals that seek challenges and ensure solutions.


  • Military Veterans – We have a Veteran's First hiring policy. KNC Strategic Services realizes U.S. Military veterans are motivated individuals that bring maturity, experience and highly developed skills that our company is always looking for. KNC Strategic Services wants you.

  • Cybersecurity Engineers, IT Managers, Compliance and Audit experts – KNC Strategic Services consulting projects can be complex and sophisticated; where we may need highly skilled technical resources not readily available in the veteran community.

  • Equal Opportunity Employer – KNC Strategic Services identifies with individuality and understands hard work, dedication and motivation are the key to ensuring mission success and a strong and growing company.

  • Students – KNC Strategic Services offers opportunity to recent graduates looking for a challenging and innovative career.

A career with KNC Strategic Services begins with you, the candidate, who is our most valued asset. We offer highly competitive compensation, flexible hours and an excellent benefits package.

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