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Acronis SCS - Data Security And Cloud Protection For The Public Sector

Data today is one of the most valuable commodities in the world, and every organization must continually assess the safety of their systems as cyber criminals are constantly evolving their methods of attack. For public sector organizations, this is even more important, where a cyberattack or loss of data can have severe ramifications for crucial services and significantly impact constituents lives. 

A data breach within the law enforcement system or other emergency services for instance could lead to a collapse of the support systems communities need, with disastrous consequences including loss of life. Yet because these institutions hold extensive data, they are also prime targets for data theft or other cyberattacks.  

Similarly, even seemingly innocuous operations such as planning or city transport hold data that can be leveraged by criminals for any number of uses. As more data needs to be shared between different operations, the cloud plays an ever more important part of data use, providing a target for cyber criminality. 

According to Verizon’s 2020-2021 Cyber-espionage Report, nearly half of all cybersecurity breaches they looked at in the past three years were within the public sector, so it is clear that data and systems used by public sector organizations are a prominent target, requiring an effective cybersecurity solution to protect crucial data. 

State and Local Governments Need Protection from Constantly Evolving Cybersecurity Threats 

With an ever-changing threat landscape, protecting and managing data and systems is an ongoing challenge requiring cybersecurity to be at the core of all risk management. From ransomware attacks to data theft, cloud security and data protection need to address the growing number and type of threats that are present today. 

For state and local governmentsthe importance of cybersecurity has never been higher, and with a broad scope of competences, a breach can have devastating consequences. From law enforcement to planning, libraries to local licensing, governance involves every aspect of life and requires significant data, much of it sensitive, personally identifiable, all held in a number of systems. Not only is the sensitivity of the data held high, but an attack on digital infrastructure could impact key support systems and severely compromise governance capabilities for an extended period.  

Database security covers more than theft too, with accuracy of data essential for many activities within state and local government. Key decisions made based on collated data can be skewed if tampered with, another area where criminal profiteering could identify data and systems as an area of attack.  

State and local governance includes a vast array of activities that require extensive data collection or use, and systems that are required to maintain societal cohesion. For all of these, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be understated, but with evolving threats, a comprehensive cybersecurity solution must provide a wide range of services. 

Why are Local and State Governments Cybersecurity Targets? 

If we look at governance and cybersecurity, there are many reasons that organizations may become a target, but there are two distinct reasons that stand out above all others. Personally identifiable data is one of the most valuable commodities of the modern world, Facebook and Google have built global empires from it, and everyone from criminals to state actors are looking for an endless supply of it. For cybercriminals, vast pools of such data are the modern-day vault full of gold, continually assessed for entry points and database security weaknesses. 

The other is disruption. A cyber-attack that compromises systems can disrupt entire cities or even states, rendering emergency response ineffective, causing widespread and extended problems for crucial systems which cause panic and suffering for many. Cloud security is incredibly important because of this, but it applies across all public sector provision, making data protection and awareness of cybersecurity threats crucial for all aspects of governance and the systems that are overseen.  

Certified Solutions for Cybersecurity Software Give State and Local Governments a Platform for Success 

State and local governance is extensive in scope, covering everything from law enforcement to planning and building regulations, and in many cases these activities directly impose legislative responsibility for security and data protection. Throughout the administrative and operational activities of state and local governments, there are a number of areas that require regulatory compliance, with Federal compliance for data security at the core of cybersecurity response. In this case, certified cloud security and data protection provide the tools needed and using FIPS 140-2 certified encryption is crucial for public sector systems. 

Committed to providing the products and services that meet the exacting needs of state and local governments, our purpose-built certified cloud backup and security solution – Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud – maintains the highest standards for security and privacy, compliant with FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, and CJIS requirements. Through our certified backup and security products, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you have the cyber tools necessary to thrive within an increasingly complex digital landscape. 

Acronis SCS Gives State and Local Governments Confidence in Cybersecurity Safety 

We understand the financial and logistical challenges facing governments and the public sector today. Increasing threats and shrinking budgets are in stark contrast to the increasing amount of sensitive data and cloud-based systems you must manage and protect. That is why we have created a series of cybersecurity software solutions that work within your budgets and provide the comprehensive, effective protection your organization needs. 

On the cutting edge of cybersecurity technology is our latest development, Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud, which is FIPS 140-2, CJIS, and HIPAA certified and compliant for complete peace of mind. Our infrastructure and support teams are all US citizens, and it offers a full suite of cybersecurity solutions from a single interface, designed with your needs in mind. From data backup and certified cloud security, it provides flexible deployment to suit every situation, and a licensing structure that works to keep your costs down.  

Aiding every facet of your digital operation, from cybersecurity protection to system management and data backup and recovery, this full-feature platform provides the continually updated, responsive solution for cyber security protection required to respond to the ever-evolving threats faced today. 


One integrated solution that delivers complete protection from today’s threats—enabling you to streamline management, cut unnecessary administrative time, and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud builds confidence and peace of mind with built-in, AI-based static and behavioral heuristic anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware, and anti-cryptojacking technologies and allows you to protect even remote collaboration tools like WebEX, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams with vulnerability assessment, patch management, code injection prevention, and anti-malware capabilities.  


Ensure seamless business continuity thanks to top-level, best-in-class vulnerability assessments and patch management functionality via a single, centralized management console. Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud gives you visibility into the protection status of all endpoints and data across your infrastructure so you can easily inventory your IT landscape, monitor your disk drive health and cyber fitness, and batch and remote agent installation through an easy-to-use wizard. 

Backup & Recovery 

Access the most robust data protection with secure backup and recovery through a combination of backup-as-a-service, AI-based anti-ransomware technologies, and end-to-end encryption. Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud gives you peace of mind that no data will ever be lost and ensures continuous data protection even between scheduled backups. 

Flexible Deployment & Licensing  

We strive to ensure our customers are equipped with the operational assurance and cyber protection they need to survive and thrive in an increasingly complex cyber landscape. As such, we have developed products and licensing structures that allow you to choose the right solutions for you – whether that be a private or Acronis SCS certified cloud or even on-premises solutions. In addition, our flexible licensing models, including annual subscriptions and monthly pay-as-you-go options, offer an adaptive solution to meet your specific public sector needs and budgets. Whatever choice you make, Acronis SCS is dedicated to providing superior service, extensive training and onboarding, 100% US based support, and industry leading technology – all without adding financial and operational burden to you. 

Why Choose Acronis SCS? 

At Acronis SCS, we are dedicated to creating highly effective cloud data protection and endpoint security solutions designed specifically for the US public Sector. We understand your challenges and craft solutions to meet them, recognizing the dual issues of meeting the most stringent regulatory requirements and standards while also operating within tight budgetary constraints.  

We only employ US citizens, with our support team based in Scottsdale, Arizona, so you know that when you need support, we are always here to help. Because we work exclusively with the public sector, we have vast experience dealing with the unique issues that state and local government encounter, and with 100% of your data housed on US soil at all times with our cloud-based solutions, you can have complete confidence in data integrity and cloud security.  

We can help you protect sensitive data, manage your systems and protect your operations with Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about this incredible product and how we can help you take control of your cybersecurity provision.